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The End has begun. (II)

Matthew 24: 4  And Jesus answered and said unto them,  Take heed that no man deceive you. 5 For  many shall come in my name, saying, I am  Christ; and shall deceive many. 6 And ye  shall hear of wars and rumours of wars:  see that ye be not troubled: for all these  things must come to pass, but the end is  not yet. 7 For nation shall rise against  nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and  there shall be famines, and pestilences,  and earthquakes, in divers places. 8 All  these are the beginning of sorrows. 
Welcome to the second part of this topic. Did you miss the first part? Do click here. The signs of the End-time are manifesting. There are so many happenings here and there which Jesus Christ foretold as the beginning of sorrow, he also described worse incidents as the beginning of the End-time.

Brethren, we don’t need a prophet to tell us it has all began. The recession or not, famine and pestilence are the trends it has been foretold by our Lord Jesus Christ that these things will happen. Betrayal is everywhere; in marriages, among siblings, with colleagues, peers, with friends. There is no one to trust or rely on. Hateful and a selfish generation. Yes i say its a selfish generation, because we no longer concern ourselves with other people’s feelings, without knowing we just develop hatred towards someone, a creation of God. Lovers of money, money is good, infact it controls, these days some ministers of God, that is, Preachers, song ministers, drama ministers only perform where they can be blessed financially. Killings here and there, Nations against Nation, where in the world is safe from killings. Which nation’s security system can boost of safety for its citizens.
According to the words of Jesus christ in Matthew 24, these are just the beginning of sorrows, before the beginning of the End. What shall it profit a man if he gains the world and loses his soul.
This is a wake-up call. Wake up, prepare, that your soul might rejoice when the bridegroom arrives. Remember the parable of the Ten virgins, five were wise enough to be prepared for the arrival of the bridegroom, five were unsuspecting. 

Now is the time to prepare if you have not done that. O virgin, put oil in your lamp, for the bridegroom is almost here. Meet him with your lamp burning. 

Point of prayer: Give me the grace to keep burning for you Lord and to watch out against deceptions of the last days. Amen.

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O'damilola Crown is a writer, a singer and motivational speaker. she is married with kids and dedicated to the Army of God

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