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Make a turn

John 3:17 For God sent not  his Son into the world to condemn the  world; but that the world through him  might be saved.
The things that scare people away from the presence of God are the guilt of sin and condemnation. When we carry these loads of guilt, the devil use them as  weapons to lure us into sin and we tend to write ourselves off the presence of God, hence, gradually backsliding. But The Spirit of God has placed it in my heart to tell you that God does not condemn you. 

Do you remember the story of the woman that was brought to Jesus to be condemned for adultery? She wasn’t condemned, rather she was given another chance. Because God doesn’t want the death of a sinner.
Through my experiences in life, God has taught me that He  is the all-knowing God, but He needs my confession to save me. Times when I displayed weakness,  He strenghten Me. So whatever I do or wherever I go wrong, I know He knows and I just go to him sobered because he alone can save me.
Therefore Beloved, God loves us . He does not delight in our sinful nature, He made a way out of it through the only Saviour which is Jesus Christ. He is our Reconciliator.Therefore, Do not neglect this offer to a life of eternal peace and Joy, Come to Him and He will set you free from the guilt of sin and condemnation. 
As it was said in the Bible that the wages of sin is death, although we sin yet we live because there’s another chance which we might not have in the next minute. Reconcile with your creator and you will live again.
Prayer: Jehovah, thank you for sending your son to reconcile me with you, I need you in my life, forgive me all my iniquities, take this guilt away from me and set me free. And as I fellowship with you continually, guide my path. Amen.



O'damilola Crown is a writer, a singer and motivational speaker. she is married with kids and dedicated to the Army of God

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